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Strategy crash game Aviator

Better a bird in the hand than a crane in the sky. Here's a good recipe on how you can win more consistently in the aviator crash game. Do you like the excitement, waiting until the last minute and catching huge odds? Then be prepared for a lot of losses and have to stock up on a good bank to have enough money while catching the big odds.

First of all, you should decide on the size and type of the bet. The minimum and maximum bets depend on the casino - usually from 5 - 10 cents. You can do the maximum of 2 bets at the same time. On the basis of the fact that the user plays one or two bets, different strategy games. Therefore, we should consider them separately.

Game tactics

Before finding the best tactics in the game Aviator should always learn its rules and game mechanics. Otherwise any strategy, even the most effective, simply will not work. Users with experience allocated three basic rules for safe play on JetX, which should be adhered to all players.

Timing and self-control

The time of the game session should always be limited. The fact is that the more time the user spends in the game, trying to calculate the best options, the more he is susceptible to excitement. This leads to a loss of concentration and, as a consequence, unconsidered "unnecessary" bets. If you want to win more often, play wisely and learn to read the embedded chart. The latter will allow you to understand at what odds it is worth to play.

Limit the size of the bets

The size of the bets made should also necessarily be controlled. The optimal tactic is to limit the maximum single bet to 10 percent of the bankroll. So it is possible to significantly reduce the risk of losing the bankroll by zero.


A classic crash strategy that has been known for decades to most fans of gambling. In short, you should start with the minimum bet, doubling it after each loss. So multiply the bet by half until we win, and then start again from zero. The meaning of this tactic - winning will allow to take away all previous losses and stay in the black.

Two bets

The aviator machine allows two bets for each round at the same time. On the basis of this you can apply the following strategy. The first bet is cashed out at odds x 1.2 - x2 to "insure" the second. The second bet tries to catch as large a coefficient as possible.

Do not forget that this is a casino - much depends on luck and chance. Therefore, no strategy for the slot machine Aviator does not guarantee a constant winnings. There is always a risk that the plane will blow up at once, at odds of 1.01, and the bet will burn out.


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