Admission Standards (K-12)

Whitefield Academy desires to admit students whose parents are like-minded spiritually, who are supportive of our philosophy, objectives, and standards of education, and who meet our admissions standards. Our mission is to serve families who do not simply desire a private education, but a distinctively Christian education for their children. Families should understand that Whitefield Academy will provide students with a Bible-centered education in the Christian tradition. The mission of the teachers and administration is to inspire every student to become a mature follower of Jesus Christ.

Application Requirements

Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ

Our expectation is that at least one of the student’s parents professes faith in Jesus Christ. We also expect that families and our staff are seeking to live under the authority of Scripture and agree with doctrine of the Christian church as summarized in the Apostles Creed. We unashamedly believe, teach, and practice a literal interpretation of the Word of God and expect our families to hold to that same standard in the home. Biblical principles are integrated into every subject taught at our school and are applied to every aspect of life. At Whitefield, we want to partner with parents in the discipleship of children.

As a parent, you agree to support the standards of the school in every area of its philosophy and policies, including academic, behavioral, spiritual, dress, moral and disciplinary policies. We also expect that parents will support the school with prayer and a positive attitude. Complaints or negative comments are only to be shared with involved parties such as teachers and administrators. They should not be shared with students or uninvolved parties, or over social media. 

Church Attendance

Parents possess the primary role in the spiritual development of their children. Thus, parents are to model healthy church attendance before their children. The church is a blessing to believers, playing a crucial role in spiritual growth through biblical instruction and fellowship with other believers. We believe Christ calls us into a personal relationship with Him while simultaneously calling us into relationship with the body of Christ. 

Being engaged in the body of Christ and submission to the church’s leadership is a requirement of Whitefield Academy. One or both parents (custodial) should be a confessing Christian who regularly attends a Bible-believing, evangelical church. The family must be engaged in weekly worship and provide evidence of their fellowship in the church body through a confidential Pastoral Reference. 

Academic Expectations

After we receive an application for your child, we will request their academic records. Students must have a record of satisfactory academic performance and appropriate behavior in previously attended schools. We will also have them take a grade-appropriate test. 

Begin your Application

As a prospective parent, we recommend that you review the current Parent Student Handbook prior to your application and enrollment. Parents seeking admission of their child/children into or continued enrollment in Whitefield Academy agree to our core values and abide by our Human Sexuality Policy. According to Whitefield Academy’s handbook our policy on sexuality states the following, “Students shall abstain from sexual activity or acting out. It is the Academy’s belief in the Scriptural principal of marriage and as such believes that God intended for one man and one woman to be united in holy matrimony and that sexual intimacy is to be preserved, guarded and set aside for that relationship. Sexual conduct in any other context is inappropriate and will not be tolerated.”

If your personal beliefs and convictions do not align with our core values and philosophies, enrolling your child will likely cause confusion. For instance, if a question regarding biblical lifestyles arises, teachers will answer from a biblical viewpoint consistent with our mission and belief statement. If your beliefs or lifestyle choices are not in agreement with our belief statement, we recommend reconsidering whether Whitefield Academy is the best school for your child.


The Whitefield Difference

Families are realizing the ineffectiveness of challenging their children scholastically without strengthening them spiritually. Whitefield Academy families reap the benefits that come from high academic standards based on strong Biblical principles.

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