Whitefield Academy began in 1976 in Louisville, KY as a ministry of Highview Baptist Church. Known as Highview Baptist Christian School, the school offered families educational opportunities for grades K-8. Highview Baptist Christian School, while holding to an evangelistic model of education, grew in size and influence, under the leadership of Mrs. Barbara Crawford.

In 1988, a High School (grades 9 – 12) was added and the school’s name was changed to Highview Baptist School. With the addition of the high school came additional opportunities for students, particularly in the area of athletics, music and drama. It was during this era many programs, which marked Highview as Highview, were developed.

In 1997, Mr. Steve Whitaker was named the school’s new Headmaster. Under his leadership the school’s mission, vision, and philosophy were redefined and its purpose was changed to reflect a discipleship model of education. In addition, in 2003 the school became known as Whitefield Academy; named after the great evangelist George Whitefield.

During this time the school also developed a focus on pursuing spiritual vitality and academic excellence. Accreditation became a characteristic of Whitefield Academy during this time as well. Whitefield’s initial accreditation was through ACSI, SACS and CITA. Over the next several years, Whitefield developed ACSI recognized ‘blue ribbon’ programs (Veteran’s Day Celebration and the Prayer Walk) which continue as part the school’s programming today.

After several years interim leadership, Mr. Gary Mounce became Head of School in 2013. Today, Whitefield Academy is continuing the pursuit of academic excellence and spiritual vitality through a focused concentration on Kingdom Education and sound academic practices with Dr. Bruce A. Jacobson as the Head of School (2018).

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Whitefield Academy is a Preschool-12 private Christian school in Louisville, KY.

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